Your Osteopathic Home in the State of Maryland

Why Choose MAOP

This Is Why

Top Reasons to Join MAOP

# 1

First and foremost, we provide a connection with other DOs in the state and region.

# 2

You may take advantage of CME activities at the Annual Meeting and throughout the calendar year.

# 3

We serve as your osteopathic voice at the legislature.

# 4

We provide important practice management information in this ever-changing healthcare economy.

# 5

We provide free patient information brochures. Just simply pay the shipping costs.

# 6

You may take advantage of significantly discounted registration fees for all CME and educational events.

# 7

MAOP acts as a referral base, referring students, patients, media and others to our member physicians.

# 8

Monthly newsletter featuring upcoming events and projects, osteopathic as well as general medical legislative issues, reimbursements tips, features of DOs in the news and special accomplishments of our members.

# 9

The MAOP Website - a valuable resource for MAOP members as well as the general public.

# 10

An Executive Director devoted to the membership and ready to answer all your questions and navigate any issues that come up.